Essays into the Lively Lexicon is an attempt to stir your soul. Even as there is more to you than meets the eye, so there is often more to a word than meets the eye or ear. Through these essays we journey together –looking at origins – wondering about changes – considering this and pondering that- seeking to get past superficialities. As we return home from adventuring about, we often find our vocabulary as well as our minds and hearts have been enlarged enough to invigorate our souls in their connection with God and others.

Steve Bostrom is a lover of words. He and his wife Via are the parents of one daughter and seven sons – with a growing number of others who have been welcomed into their family by birth, marriage and friendship. Steve has served as a pastor/church planter for more than 35 years, founded an adoption agency and served a variety of groups. He hopes you find companionship and challenge in these essays and wishes you Godspeed.